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We provide the best Expert Fire Witnessing

Our expertise and confidence stem from impeccable education and training, as well as unrivaled breath and depth in practical fire and life safety experience all over the world.  Our understanding of regulations and and building laws gives us a strong universal platform for assessing compliance or non-compliance.  In addition, we are armed with the fire protection and life safety design experience.  And where designs are inappropriate, various tools can be utilized to demonstrate a need to change Code requirements.  Fire modeling and the performance-based approach can be used to explore potential fire scenarios or to validate hypotheses made during the investigation process.  This results is expert witnessing supported by reliable that is admissible in courts of law.

The WWFSE Strategy

The Strategy is always conquer the problem by dissecting its structure to simple components.  This can be done in a detailed manner by performing a thorough analysis to determine all possible options.  Or it can be to make the best assessment possible and opt for what appears to be the most sensible solution.  The general process is the following:

  1. Identify and define the problem,
  2. Collect relevant data via appropriate documentation,
  3. Perform analysis,
  4. Develop hypotheses,
  5. Test hypotheses,
  6. Analyze results,
  7. Conclude and formulate opinion(s), and
  8. Prepare presentations for trial, mediation or International Tribunal.

All aspects of forensic fire investigations adhere to the scientific method and to the guidelines of NFPA 921.  At times, opinions are formulated based upon less than ideal quantity or quality of evidence and facts.  Under those circumstances, extreme care is applied to qualify that opinion so that a sensible resolution is reached.

Evidence and Facts

Evidence and facts are the foundations of any subject matter.  It is imperative to obtain reliable evidence and facts around the loss or claim prior to potential spoliation.

Scientific Method

The scientific method is a forensic methodology of sound quality reporting admissible in courts.  It is a high bar.  Without it, charlatans could pass as experts.

Proven Experience

WorldWide Fire Safety Experts, LLC have had a long and proven experience in both design and code consultation world as well as the forensic arena.  Our practical experiences have proven invaluable in the unique challenging litigation cases.

Benefit of Service

WorldWide Fire Safety Experts, LLC has experience in many different and challenging litigation matters.  Expert witnessing is generally the last phase of most litigation processes.  We have been very successful in all our litigation support services as expert witnesses.

  • Well documented facts
  • Scientific method approach
  • Extensive and exhaustive research
  • Appropriately formulated opinions
  • Confident presentations of findings
  • Extremely satisfied clients

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