What we do

Design of Fire Suppression

Automatic fire suppression in buildings has permitted taller and larger buildings. Fire suppression design is about not only applying the correct regulations, but also matching the expected fire intensity with appropriate suppression. Equally important are inspections, testing, and maintenance of all fire suppression systems.

Building Code Analysis

A proper Code Analysis is the basis of good design. A Code Analysis is essentially the road map of Fire Protection and Life Safety engineering requirements for a Code compliant design. Without the undertaking of a Code Analysis, the construction and Code compliance are often problematic.

Third-Party Reviews & Inspections

We provide both independent plans review and inspection services for clients and projects. Third-party reviews are often mandated by contractual arrangements or by Authorities Having Jurisdictions to assure both Code compliance and sound design. Improper or deficient designs often lead to major constructability issues.

Design of Fire Alarm

We are experts at design and review fire alarm systems per the nationally recognized Fire Alarm Code, NFPA 72. Fire alarm design requires more attention to detail than sprinkler design as it is necessary to properly defining the type of detection of fire and smoke for every space of the building. Fire alarm design can include provisions for mass notification for other types of disasters.

Expert Witnessing

We are experienced in expert witnessing as in depositions, trials, and International Tribunals. Demonstrative supportive documents such reports and exhibits are part of the work. We have been successful putting the fire puzzle together as well as explaining the maze of fire and life safety interpretations to clients.

Fire Modeling & Simulations

Fire modeling is a powerful tool. The Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) is a computational fluid dynamics model. It has been developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It is a state-of-the-art model capable of predicting fire/smoke development and spread throughout a building. If it is used with care and responsibility, it can accurately predict fire and life safety variables.

Forensic Fire Investigations

Forensic Fire Investigation is a necessary and critical step of any potential pursuit of a litigation process. We are experienced in small and large fire investigations as well as the performance of fire and life safety systems. All due diligence and proper documentation using the scientific method are used to undertake forensic investigations.

Design & Installation Analysis

We can decipher and formulate opinions on fire and life safety issues for both design and construction. There are five (5) key parameters. : fire alarm, fire suppression, building exiting systems, access to the building by emergency personnel, and the framework of construction.

Fire Protection and Life Safety Experts

Our experience includes all aspects of fire and life safety issues including fire protection construction requirements,

third-party reviews and litigation support.? ?We have years of success on projects of all sizes.