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Fire sprinklers are more often damaged or made inoperable due to extreme weather conditions far more often than in the past. Indeed, climatic conditions have been changing. In the United States, more buildings are experiencing losses of fire sprinkler systems due to an unexpected drop in temperature and/or freezing conditions.

Buildings are automatically ?grandfathered? soon after the building receives its certificate of occupancy. That leaves lots of responsibility on the shoulders of building owners. Being proactive and upgrading life safety systems helps avoid potentially catastrophic losses.

Often, a building is Code compliant but only meets the minimum requirements.? Unfortunately, many buildings are constructed with a mishmash of design elements.? That means that the building has a mixture of conditions.? Some of these exceed minimum requirements and other fall short of Code compliance.? There are times when local authorities know and approve of conditions of the building.? However, many times that these conditions are not known of officials.? Buildings such as these can pose a hazard to occupants and a risk of litigation to the owners.

When a fire emergency is declared in a building, there is a strong possibility conditions in the building will deteriorate quickly.? This can affect the ability of occupants to evacuate the building.? It is expected that emergency responders will arrive on the scene shortly after the evacuation is initiated.? THese emergency responders are likely to use the same exit stairs and evacuation routes the occupants are using.? Without a plan in place, evacuation routes may becomes blocked slowing down emergency responders from reaching the floor of incident while occupants escaping the building.

Using a Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) can be crucial in your quest for fire and life safety.? Without an FPE your building may be deficient in fire protection requirements, lack properly design fire and life safety systems, and all can lead to expensive legal disputes.