About Us

Our Philosophy

Our fire protection and life safety philosophy and practice are reflected in our slogans.  WWFSE, LLC is indeed committed to deliver excellent and professional fire protection and life safety services all the time, no matter what.

We are driven by a simple philosophy of safeguarding lives, properties, and business continuity, for design projects.  That philosophy was strengthened and enriched by living and working in culturally different locations in the world, as values are different.

Below is more information about our approaches, considerations, and criteria solving fire protection and life safety problems.

Art and Science of Fire Engineering

Dr. Bak’s experience includes fire protection and life safety work and approaches in United States and around the world.  Moreover, Dr. Bak has excelled in the art of negotiations.  With a comprehensive understanding of fire protection and life safety requirements, compromises are then presented to building and fire authorities.  Dr. Bak’s mastery is not limited to Building and Fire Codes consultation.  Indeed, he has cleverly applied successfully the traditional knowledge of building regulations to resolve claims or disputes.  Naturally, principles of fire science and engineering are also applied to many fire litigation matters, and to complex construction projects.

Fire and Life Safety Expertise

Fire protection and life safety engineering is a spoke of a large wheel of a building.  It is a critical spoke as it can impact important life safety. Such as evacuation, fire and smoke spread, and possibly building collapse. We know that fires are statistically rare events, but  they do occur.  The success of that critical spoke is dependent on 3 stages.  These stages are 1. design, 2. installation and 3. maintenance of fire and life safety systems.  Providing less than minimum requirements in any of these 3 stages, could mean “failure” of its mission.  We can help understand what contributed to the failure of the fire protection and life safety systems.

Forensic Fire Services

Fire Litigation Support

For our Forensic clients, we address generally two key questions.  These are: What happened?  And Why?

Through rigorous forensic investigation process, we identify, and define the nature of the alleged issues.  Pursuing mutually agreeable investigative strategy with our clients, we proceed to collect relevant data and facts.  It follows to analysis leading to the development of hypothesis and subsequently testing the validity of the hypothesis.  Such investigations culminate with the production of expert reports.  At times, results and conclusions are questioned via depositions.  Again, at times, we would testify in court or in front of a International Tribunal if the litigation process is not settled by different parties.

Design and Building Code Services

Sprinklers, Alarm, Code Analysis, Third-Party Reviews & Inspections

For our Design clients, our experience reflects our confidence in our opinions and assessments.  One common starting point is an appropriate and efficient Building Code Analysis for either an existing or new building.

In any moderately large size or moderately complicated buildings, a correct Building Code Analysis is the roadmap for the application of fire and life safety requirements for the project.  A Building Code Analysis defines all design options based upon the desired occupancies of the building as well as its height and area per floor level.  The analysis defines different possible Type of Construction scenarios.  When taking in consideration of client’s requirements, wish-lists in relationship to cost-benefit consideration, one ultimate selection of the Type of Construction for the structure emerges.  Once, that is decided, then all requirements for a Code compliant building are outlined in the Building Code Analysis.  The “Code” in the Building Code Analysis may be more than the State adopted Code.

Meet Our Experts

For other than Daniel, other experts are just for a little humor.  Nevertheless, to respond better to clients’ needs, we do supplement our fire expertise with related other disciplines expertise.  These relationships are joint-ventures to benefit clients’ needs, issues, and requirements.

The Man (The Chairman)

Dr. Daniel Bak, P.E., FSE

Our Partners & Collaborators

Through joint-ventures, partnerships are formed to best respond to the clients' cases. Sometimes, some relationships are just for the duration of the project. At times, there is a long term relationship, still as a joint-venture.

Our Mission

Provide outstanding fire protection and life safety services.

Our mission is simply to continue contributing to and providing best fire and life safety professional services.  The method of our work is through continual learning, serving, and sharing our expertise with our community.  As professional fire and life safety experts, we are committed to deliver our best all the time, no matter what!

We look forward to be of service!

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